Pilates, Improve, Balance, Strength, and Mobility

Pilates, Improve Strength, Increase Mobility with The Pilate’s 

By Adrienne Donofrio                                                                                                                                                           NASM/CPT, NASM Sr Exercise Specialist, Kane School of Core Integration Mat Pilates


Pilates has exploded throughout the world. The system was originally developed by Joseph Pilates in 1925 to correct bio-mechanical alignment, as well as strengthen the entire body from the inside out. This incredible method of exercise and physical movement was designed to stretch and balance the whole body as well as strengthen every muscle through a smooth flow of continual movements that range in intensity. With systematic practice of specific exercises coupled with focused breathing patterns, Pilates has proven itself invaluable not only as a fitness endeavor itself, but also as an important addition to professional sports training. Strengthening the mobility, as well as the flexibility, of the abdomen, back and surrounding muscles are addressed in each session. Posture, balance, and true core strength are all amazingly increased, while bone density and joint health improve dramatically. The Pilates system targets not only the mobilizing muscles used in various exercise forms, but also the vital stabilizing muscles often neglected by other forms of exercise.

Pilates Advice for Back Health
Pilates has proven repeatedly to vastly improve spinal health. Mobility and elongation of the spine are emphasized, while core stabilization and strengthening are key components. The core consists of not just the abdominal area of muscles, but also the back and hip muscles. These are the specific target muscles in promoting a healthy spine. The spine is only as healthy as the core is strong.

Pilates Advice During Pregnancy
Pilates exercises are some of the most beneficial for women during pregnancy. These exercises strengthen the various muscles that surround the back, abdomen, and pelvis which are all important muscles in supporting the baby through a women pregnancy. The strengthening of the postural muscles are addressed continually through several movements. Caution is practiced by modifying some of the exercises and paying close attention to the positioning of the body during movement. The method will help facilitate an easier delivery and plays an important role in recovery post pregnancy. The practice is also beneficial as it allows for a greater flow of oxygen to the unborn child. The breathing techniques acquired can contribute to a smoother delivery. Pilates will safely help the postpartum mother regain her body’s shape.

Always Check with your doctor before participating in an exercise program.

Benefits of Pilates
– Dramatically improves spinal health
– Builds overall strength to entire body
– Increases flexibility and agility
– Improves joint mobility and coordination
– Develops optimal core strength and control
– Reduces stress
– Improves body tone with longer leaner muscles
– Corrects asymmetries or misalignment of the body
– Improves posture
– Calms the Central Nervous System through breathing techniques
– Prevents injury

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