I’m Not an Expert… I Just Play One on Social Media…

By Sydnie Donofrio

 So you’re scrolling through instagram, and you come across your favorite influencer promoting a “miracle” exercise ball that can be used for just five minutes to burn fat FAST. You see them wearing expensive athletic wear while showing off their skinny waist or stacked abs and there isn’t a stretch mark or blemish to see on what feels like their entire body. So you figure, “what the hell let me buy this miracle ball and do it myself, after all I want the body they’re trying to sell”. Weeks go by and your body looks the same, but now you’re feeling pains in your neck or back and have no idea why it’s not working for you. You log back on to instagram only to see this flawless influencer drinking a green shake and telling you to buy this life changing vitamin guaranteed to burn fat, but for real this time!

Everyday we log on to our social media accounts, we are flooded with false information from already attractive influencers trying to see us on products that sponsor them. They flood their videos and pictures with filters and perfect camera angles to hide anything that can be viewed as a flaw. They promise us quick fixes with no knowledge or concern for health and wellness. So-what do we do? The first step in starting a journey centered on health and wellness is recognizing that qualified and certified trainers are going to come in all ages and body types. They are not going to be flawless because nobody is. They’re not going to sell you on beauty and appearance, but instead will create a plan to reach attainable body and health goals. Safe and fun fitness journeys are about getting to know a person who took the time to educate themselves on the human body and nutrition. It means dedicating time in your day to caring for your body by moving and stretching so that you feel good!

So next time you’re scrolling through instagram and see the guy with six pack abs lifting a tire over his head or a girl in Lulu lemons drinking a green smoothie with faux vitamins in hand promising a workout regime that sounds too good to be true-know that it probably is. All the while, a certified and educated trainer is right around the corner waiting to make a personalized plan meant to help you feel good!